Out of Stock? Sign Up For Our In-Stock Notifier!


It's never too late to sign up for our in-stock email notifier! You can find it on the product pages by clicking on the sizes and colours that are out of stock! 


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Whether you're looking for your favourite brand or trying out a new one, our search-by-brand page on our website can help you out!


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Clearance Sale!


This is a PSA for everyone who loves a deal. Our clearance/closeout page is live so shop all your favourite styles at a reduced price before they're gone!


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Out of Stock? Other Similar Items Might Be In-Stock!


If the items you were looking for are out of stock, click on the ‘Similar Items’ button located under the pricing table. This will show you several items that are similar to the product you were looking for and are still in-stock!


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Search By Brands: We Carry Items From 31 Different Brands!

Similar Items Button


Introducing our new feature on our website, the similar in-stock items button! It's located under the pricing table, and when you click on it, it will display all in-stock items that are similar to the products you were looking for but were out-of-stock.


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Out of Stock? Sign Up For Our In-Stock Email Notification!


What's more disappointing than finding out that the product/size you wanted is out-of-stock? We have a special feature for that on our website - the in-stock email notifications! Under the 'Quantity' column in a product page on the website, you can click on the "Notify Me" button and enter your email address to be notified once the item is back in stock. It's that easy!


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